The Easiest Post Ever – My Vintage Kitchen

So, hubby and I have just purchased a 1956 brick ranch home in Michigan, and afterwards found out that we were some of the luckiest people on the planet. When we first walked into the house, we were shocked at how vintage and fun everything looked. There were marble accent’s everywhere, a lot of original light fixtures and tons and tons of built-ins.  But what floored me the most was the spectacular kitchen!  It was full of the original metal cabinets from when the house was built, and I fell completely in love with it. Within days we had an accepted offer – and a completely new style that we didn’t even know existed!

Mid-Century Modern.

And now, everything we do is influenced by it. And why shouldn’t it be?  Our house is a picture-perfect vintage testament to how quirky and fun the 1950’s were, and how all of those great ideas shouldn’t be changed out or thrown away for something modern, but saved. By starting this blog, I will try to follow what my husband and I consider to be an important part of our lives now: restoring our vintage home.

The first thing was, of course, our fabulous kitchen. The first place we looked for information on where to start our restoration was the internet. A quick google of “Vintage 50’s Paint Colors” let us to , and all of Pam’s great advice. So much information can be found there! We found our paint palette in a snap (Sherwin Williams Suburban Modern Palette) and had some great leads on how to replace the filthy carpet in the kitchen and dining area. And it was something we had never even thought of: commercial flooring.

We ended up going with Armstrong’s Standard Excelon Imperial Texture  in Blue Cloud and Soft Cool Gray. It looks fantastic, as you can see from the picture.

Our New Kitchen Floor

If you are interested in more pictures of our kitchen, check out my flickr photostream. Also, Pam recently did an entry about our house and kitchen here. Please check it out!


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  1. It was a joy to work with you on the story about your kitchen, Ruth. It is so gratifying for me to see a whole new generation of buyers find these homes, recognize their value, and choose to preserve them. Your house must be SO HAPPY to have found you!

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