New Vintage Finds

USA Vase 







I succumbed yesterday to the desire to do a little thrifting. I hit the local Salvation Army and Goodwill and came away with some great stuff.

I started out with this super cute USA vase.  I have decided to get some vintage vases and planters for the kitchen. This one kind of steps over the line in cuteness, so hubby wasn’t a big fan.  But I have really been wanting to get some more cutesy vintage, so tough luck, bud. Its coming in!

And a steal at $3.

Vintage Jewelry BoxI found a super cute vintage jewelry box that is a pretty green with gold accents, and is lined with an awesome teal velvet. It is going to look great in the  guest room.  I also had to get some vintage jewelry for the box!  I got 3 pins and about 8 pairs of vintage earrings. I love the jewelry! $3 for the box, and $.69 for each earring pair and brooch. Vintage Pin In Box



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2 responses to “New Vintage Finds

  1. Great finds, Ruth. I like the jewelry box in particular, I am such a sucker for these. In fact – I like to call our ranch houses “jewel boxes” because while they may not be large, they can be made all sparkly inside. tee hee. Congratulations on starting the blog, I will add it to my blogroll right now!

  2. Sorry I’m late getting here! Great finds!

    I hope you have something equally super to share this week.


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