Etsy Round-up – Mid-Century Modern

I know everyone uses Ebay for their Mid-Century Needs, but what about Etsy?  As the owner of an Etsy store, I am always first to point out all of the great stuff on Etsy.  But besides the handmade stuff, there is also large vintage section.  And for something to be vintage on Etsy, it has to be pre-1970s, which makes me feel a little better when buying.

Let the fun begin!

The first item is from myohmymaggie.  This totally awesome atomic wall clock.  I love this, and the best part is – it has been fitted with a battery!

Atomic Clock

The next item comes from Peacock Envy, one of my favorite places to be a Looky-Loo on Etsy.  Check out  this totally fantastic lamp:green-lampIsn’t this the most beautiful lamp?  I  started shrieking when I saw it. It is totally amazing, and that shade is fantastic. I love the speckled mint green body. If I wasn’t on this crazy quest to find a lamp in a vintage store on my own I totally would have bought it.

On a sad note, I believe this lamp has been reserved for someone.  Oh. A little part of me just died. My hat is off to you, Izzy.  You are going to make a great purchase.

For more great vintage, check out Peacock Envy’s blog.



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3 responses to “Etsy Round-up – Mid-Century Modern

  1. yay! Thanks so much! Your blog is so lovely & We really appreciate your support. The lamp will be hard to part with…

  2. Hi Ruth! Just found you via Retro Renovation. I’d seen her post on your kitchen, and some of your Flickr pix. Pam put up the link to your blog – it’s great! I’m trying my hand at an Etsy store, too, because I can’t seem to stop buying vintage stuff! Plus, it looks like fun. I’ll be following your blog – can’t wait to see what you do with your fantastic new house!

  3. retroruth

    Thanks, Kate! Happy you like the blog. Keep finding great stuff for us to buy!

    Hi Tikimama! Thanks for following me, it is great how much support newbies get from Retro Renovation and its followers. Let me know the address of your Etsy store, and I will be sure to check you out!

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