Etsy Round-up – Pink Desk & Contact Paper

The first item in today’s Etsy Round-up is a great pink desk from

At $350 it is a leeeetle to expensive for my tastes, but it is a great inspiration piece.  I love the pink paint – it is exactly the same pink as my kitchen! I also love how the top is elevated off the desk base. Love it, and one to dream on. If you dream in pink, that is.

Check out HausProud’s other items, too. There are some great ones. Especially this metal tray and these great white and gold starburst slipper chairs.  

The bargain of the day comes from nostalgiaemporium’s shop. This great lot of vintage 1970’s contact paper, which is just awesome.  Pam at Retro Renovation got me hooked on wallpaper recently, and this contact paper gives me that wallpaper fix.vintage-contact-paper-11



It is a pretty good deal at $12 for the whole bunch.  If you had some vintage kitchen cabinets or bathroom cabinets that needed a little coverage, this would be perfect. Or if you wanted to be vintage crafty….



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3 responses to “Etsy Round-up – Pink Desk & Contact Paper

  1. The Contact paper with the little yellow and orange flowers – same one we had in our kitchen cabinets when I was a kid! So weird that things that seem so common and not-all-that-long-ago are now vintage!

  2. wooden kitchen cabinets are perfect your your home, they look good and can be cleaned easily –*

  3. Odd , your site shows up with a black hue to it, what shade is the primary color on your web site?

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