Vintage Finds – A Great Week

Holey Moley, last week was a fantastic week to go thrifting!  I found a ton of wonderful things at my local thrift stores, and not all of them vintage.  I scored a kitchenaid coffee grinder, worth $200 new, for $3.95 and a brand new box of assorted cuisinart blades, worth $60, and an attachement for my kitchenaid, worth $60, both for $10! Crazy!  In addition to that madness, I bought two MCM side tables (which Hubby isn’t fond of, so to the basement they go) and these great items:

Oven Mitt

A great vintage oven mitt, from Quebec, which looks like it has rarely been used. The inside is a completely different mitt, and is removable for cleaning of the outer mitt. The inside mitt is also lined with a great soft floral material, which I love.Oven Mitt Inside

I also found about 2 yards of some great vintage upholstry fabric, which I grabbed up as soon as I saw it!  Upholstry Fabric

Pretty sweet, huh?  I can’t wait to make some pillows out of this, or just hoard it for that perfect day when I find a chair that can give it a good home….



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2 responses to “Vintage Finds – A Great Week

  1. Holey moley indeed! And we want to see those side tables, even if the hubs doesn’t like them!

  2. Yes, we certainly do want to see those tables! If you’re going to banish them to the basement, at least give them their fifteen minutes of fame on your blog. Great finds!

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