Popular Science’s DIY 1950s Home

On Valentine’s Day, Hubby and I drove 2 hours up North to go to a restaurant we discovered while we were first dating.  Most people would think that was too far for dinner, but I always look forward to long drives with my husband. We spend those trips talking, and I mean really talking.  At home there are distractions and dishes, phone calls and bills, and pretty soon we fall into bed exhausted.  But when we go for a drive there are no distractions, and we talk for hours about philosopy, art, our relationship and other abstract things that we normally don’t talk about during the busy week.

And we get to shop!

We are always suckers for a mysterious looking shop, a cute roadside stand, and pretty much every antique store we can lay our eyes on.  So when we arrived early for our dinner reservations, we decided to drive around the little town we were in until we found some place to shop.  Of course, about 30 seconds later, we stumbled on a cute little antique shop, where I found this magazine:Popular Science MCM

And a MCM fountain of information! The main article consists of do-it-yourself decorating and furniture ideas for the “modern” home. They are so great, like this one for a bathroom vanity.

PS Bathroom Vanity

Stay tuned for more ideas from this fun article, including a room divider, a garden shed and even furniture!



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2 responses to “Popular Science’s DIY 1950s Home

  1. Oh, no, no, no! You must send this magazine over to ME right away! What a find! I just saw this page posted on Flickr, and I high-tailed it over here to see more. Don’t you dare hold out on posting more – I want to see EVERY PAGE!! I was just talking to my husband about the need for a cabinet in our tiny master bath, and voila!

  2. retroruth

    Ha ha! I have to hold out! What else do I have for content on my site? *grins*

    Don’t worry – the next project, an entryway divider, is on its way for tomorrow!

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