I Hear You – Pictures Of Thrifted Sidetables

Just to let you know that I am listening to you, oh clamoring throng, here are pictures of the two side tables I purchased the other day.  It was $15 for both, so I consider that to be a pretty good deal.  The only bummer is one of them had a sticker on the front that looked like it said $3, so these were probably rummage fodder at one time.  If I was more clever, I could have gotten them cheaper. Alas.  Oh well, I got them from the Salvation Army, and they can always use the money!

Vintage SidetablesThe one in the front needs to be cleaned off, but I still think they are respectable tables.  As you can see from the one in the back, they are perfect for little TV stands in odd places, so they may get to stay on the first floor yet!

Table Close Up

I think they are cute little things.

Gold Flecked TopHubs is of a different opinion.  He thinks they look 60’s without looking MCM, which I disagree with. He also thinks that the cute, gold flecked tops look stained, which he may be right about.

Ah, well. The joy of marriage is compromise, so I will let these be used in the basement or as TV stands.  I think part of his dislike stems from jealousy – that he didn’t get to come with to pick them out!

But there is a good side to all this.  He proclaimed the other night that he wants the three season room to be decorated Tiki style.

Let the trumpets sound!  He has proclaimed it, so shall it be!  And don’t mind me, I will just be back here hiding all the Tiki pictures and printouts I have been leaving around the house….



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5 responses to “I Hear You – Pictures Of Thrifted Sidetables

  1. Love the tables except, ummmm, the formica. If they were mine I think I would cover the tops with fabric, either stapled or thumb-tacked underneath. Or paint the tops, but I’m betting paint would not stay on the formica. Or maybe tile them–ooh, you could do a mosaic with broken china…

  2. Sara in AZ

    Hi Ruth, I got to your blog from the Retro Reno blog, and I have to say GREAT job! I absolutely ADORE your house, it is fantastic – my dream house! I do not have my own blog yet, but maybe soon – since it seems everyone else does :). I wanted to say, your tables are really quite cute. They do not make that type of formica anymore, with the gold flecks, so you may not want to paint over it. You may want to try to clean it with a Magic Eraser by Mr. Clean – I love those things! I have a kitchen diner type table (with the same gold flecks) and it cleaned it really beautifully. $15 was a great price for the 2 tables. Keep up the good work! Sara

  3. retroruth

    Thanks, Sara! Glad you love the house and the blog. Come back often, and let me know when you start your own blog so I can be a groupie. Magic Eraser is a great idea, by the way….

    Ohhhh…I hate to disagree with the Queen, but I like the tops. No royal wrath, please! 🙂 But the mosaic idea is a good one, I might have to save that for a different piece of thrifted furniture.

  4. Oh, definitely save the formica gold-flecked tops! That’s why I love them! I was going to suggest Mr. Clean erasers, too, but Sara beat me to it. Test in a hidden spot first, just to be safe. Cool finds! And a tiki room – yay!!!

  5. Sara in AZ

    Magic Eraser is the BEST!!! I will definitely let you know when I start a blog. Post pics after you clean the tables to let us know if it works well for you.

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