Vintage 1950’s Downtown

Ok – Last post on Tawas City, I promise!  I just wanted to add the pictures of some of their vintage downtown, because I thought it was really cute.

march-09-870This guy is obviously from Marion’s Ice Cream Parlor. One of many vintage ice cream places in town, Marion’s was unique because there was actually a map on the outside, explaining that there was only one way to enter and walk through and get served.  march-09-873

Here is the local jewemarch-09-876ler.


And, of course, the local bar.  Check out my Flickr account for more photos!



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3 responses to “Vintage 1950’s Downtown

  1. Sara in AZ

    You should check out Ludington too! Have you ever been there? It’s where the ferry goes back and forth to Wisconsin. Anyway, they have some really cute antiques shops there too (at least they did when we were there a few years ago). If you like fish PM Steamers was a really good place for Perch! I love Perch, but you can only get it up north, no one in AZ has it.

  2. retroruth

    Hi Sara!

    Thanks for the comment, and actually we have never been to Luddington. Sounds exactly like the kinda place we should be visiting! And thanks for the fish recommendation, Hubs loves fish (especially perch) and can’t get enough of it! Sorry you can’t get any in AZ 😦

  3. Sara in AZ

    Definitely do a post if you go there! And, let me know if PM Steamers is still there, it was really great! I really do miss perch.

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