Cute Vintage Cards – Lion Birthday Card

lion-card001I think I have mentioned before that my grandfather was a total packrat.  He kept everything; receipts, letters, bills, multiple copies of photos from his business and tons and tons of greeting cards.

My father was so disgusted when we first started cleaning out my grandfather’s house that he pitched out a lot of cards before even packing up the truck to move my grandmother to Wisconsin. Then he lost steam, and the rest of the cards were packed away in a shed on my parent’s property for me to find years later. lion-card002

This cute little guy is from my Dad’s 5th birthday in 1955. I love the spotted blue collar around Leo. Cute! lion-card003


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One response to “Cute Vintage Cards – Lion Birthday Card

  1. Sara in AZ

    Oh My Gosh! That is to bad your Dad tossed all of that out. It would be interesting to see what all was there. My Grams is the same way, she loves to throw out everything. She even threw out her wedding gown from the 1940s! I REALLY wish she would not have done that. 😦

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