Ugh, Upgrading.


That is the sound of disgust that I recently made while going through the upgrading options for this blog. I admit, all of the disgust was directed at myself, not at the plethora of upgrading options I have.  Why upgrade already? Well, I guess I didn’t plan out the direction I was taking my blog very well. And honestly, I didn’t think anyone would read it. Suddenly, with the help of some friends and a few well placed photos, this blog does pretty good for something less than a month old.

And then I got an email out of the blue. A great email. But also a sad email.

“We would love to advertise on your blog,” the email stated, “But we see you are using the wrong version of wordpress. Let us know when you upgrade so we can talk.”

All of a sudden I am scrambling around, researching my brains out. Wait. Advertise?  On a blog? Most of you may be laughing at me out there, but I really didn’t think about advertisements here.  I thought those were for big blogs. Sponsored blogs. Blogs done by a housewife who loves a certain kind of dish detergent, but as you keep reading you realize that every post some how relates to dish detergent. And no one loves dish detergent that much.  In fact, no sane person should think about doing dishes that often.  Then you realize the blog is an offshoot of XYZ corp, and the nice housewife writing the posts is actually an Intern from Seattle.

But I digress.

Anyway, the thought that I may actually get advertisers is exciting, and also scary.  And now I am up to my eyeballs in choices.

And I am thinking to myself, is this really worth the couple of bucks the advertiser is going to spend on my site?

The answer: Yes. But with a sigh on the end.


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