Our Foyer – Pink and Tan Marble

Our FoyerHere is the magnificent view from the foyer in our house. 🙂  Well, magnificent in my opinion, anyway.  I love the mosaic marble flooring that greets you straight from the front door. It is unique to our area in that the color of the floor is a pink/brown rather than the white and blue in other houses.  On our first walkthrough of the house, I thought the marble was exceptionally pink, but then we repainted the hallway with a lovely dark tan color (Sherwin Williams Sycamore Tan from their Suburban Modern Collection), and the floor mellowed considerably and really became a symphony of browns and pinks rather than just a pink floor.  I also picked the color because, in my newbie decorator opinion, the foyer is rather large and wide and I didn’t want it to be the focal point after you walk through the door. I wanted it to kind of blend into the background so that the eye was drawn into the living room, and the person coming in feels a pull to walk towards the next room rather than lingering in the foyer.

foyer-beforeHere is the before shot of the foyer. I know the angles are different, but the new, darker walls of the foyer make it difficult to photograph with the backlighting from the door.  I like the color change, and if I decide differently in a few years, I can always repaint it!



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3 responses to “Our Foyer – Pink and Tan Marble

  1. Sara in AZ

    Oh My Gosh! The view in your foyer is magnificent! Heck, your whole house is magnificent!!! I LOVE that marble floor and I think the brown color looks fantastic with it! Your fireplace is da’ bomb too!!! 🙂 I keep forgetting to tell you – my Grams and the previous owner of your house must have been obsessed with carpeting. My Grams had the EXACT same pink tile in her pink bathroom (same as your pink bathroom tile) and she also covered it up with carpeting! I remember pulling up that carpeting when I was little just to look at the cool tile underneath.

  2. Yowza – it looks FABULOUS! And is that Caribbean Coral on the drapery valence/soffit?

    Your instinct about how to treat the foyer wall is spot-on, I think! Well done, Ruth!

  3. retroruth

    You have a good eye, Pam! That is Caribbean Coral. Hubs loves it, I think it is going to go on the outside of the house eventually.

    Thanks, Sara! I love the pink tilework, too. I was pulling up the carpet when we moved in to peek underneath myself. 🙂

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