New Frontier – At The Auction

vintage-finds-008I went to an estate auction last Saturday with my husband and my friend, Sara.  None of us had ever been to an auction before, but we were open to trying something new and it was a beautiful, sunny day, so we piled in the car and drove about 30 mins to the estate of someone who used to own an auto repair shop.

It was totally different than anything we had ever been to before!  It wasn’t set up like the auction houses you see on TV.  It basically looked like a giant garagle sale in someone’s yard, but you had to wait until the auction started to buy stuff. After we figured out how to sign up for a number and how to bid, we totally got into the swing of things.  Hubs wandered over to the auto section of auction, while my friend Sara and I camped out in the housewares section.

Then we started winning things. 

I have to admit, it was pretty undignified, even for me. We were clapping our hands and squealing when the other won something they wanted, and by the end of the first hour we had our arms filled with treasures and a very bemused crowd around us. Someone took pity on us and gave us boxes, another person gave us some newspapers to put around our glass items to keep them from banging together.  But most just laughed at us, not in a mean-spirited way, but I think they laughed with us because we were so obviously enjoying ourselves.  At least I hope they did. If we annoyed anyone, I apologize!

Sara walked out with three boxes of treasures. She got a set of vintage stoneware similar to some her grandmother had left her and a great green pitcher and bowl with a curved edge. vintage-finds-007

I got an Apollo Ware melamine bowl with pastel splatters in it.  I LOVE it.  It has some light utensil marks on the inside, but it will make a great chip bowl.


I also got a great set of vintage glasses. They aren’t as old as some other ones I’ve had, but I love that these are a little heavier, and since we use the vintage glasses for everyday, it will be nice if they can take a beating and still be functional. We have broken two vintage glasses in as many months, and are starting to feel pretty bad about abusing them.

After the housewares section of the auction was over, they started on the furniture and other items.  These “other items” consisted of seized drug bust items from the state of Michigan, like semi-automatic guns and electronics plastered with evidence stickers. Seriously.  So, we played with the guns for a while, took pictures of Sara holding a Bushmaster and laughed and then cashed out our purchases. Sara’s total was under $20, and ours was a little over, since Hubs had bought some tools. All in all, pretty good entertainment for a Saturday afternoon. 

We can’t wait until the next one!vintage-finds-015



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3 responses to “New Frontier – At The Auction

  1. Sara in AZ

    That bowl is FANTASTIC! I LOVE it!!! Auctions up north are the absolute best. When I used to live in Illinois they would have the auctions right at the person’s house, so kind of like an Estate sale – but an auction. I LOVED going to these Auction sales. They are almost easier than Estate Sales , because at Estate Sales you have to get there at the crack (and wait in line for an hour or so) if you know you want something. They do not really have that many auctions here, unfortunately, not like back north. It was also great in Illinois because there was no buyers premium, here they tack on 10 to 20% premium on your entire purchase. It is annoying. You’ll have a blast going to all of the auctions around there. Well, I am off to the ‘Texas Antique Weekend’ tomorrow. Which is actually more than a week of antique shopping (so I am not sure why they say weekend). My Mom and I are doing a road trip, so I will check back in with ya in about 2 weeks! My husband wanted to come too, but he could not get off work right now. Have Fun in the meantime!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I’m glad you’re practicing talking to folks at sales–the stories sometimes are better than the stuff! Sounds like you really got into the auction. They can be so much fun. My husband did some papers on auctioneers when he was working on a graduate degree in folklore and we really got into estate and even farm auctions. You can witness unbelievable drama over the sale of a tractor!

  3. Sara in AZ

    Hi Ruth, I saw your comment on the new blog, but I could not make a comment back. WordPress says I have an Invalid username???? I have an account with them. Maybe just weirdness with transferring everything over? Anyway, yes, I will definitely send you pics of Texas, it is a blast. I would be honored for you to show them. 🙂

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