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New Frontier – At The Auction

vintage-finds-008I went to an estate auction last Saturday with my husband and my friend, Sara.  None of us had ever been to an auction before, but we were open to trying something new and it was a beautiful, sunny day, so we piled in the car and drove about 30 mins to the estate of someone who used to own an auto repair shop.

It was totally different than anything we had ever been to before!  It wasn’t set up like the auction houses you see on TV.  It basically looked like a giant garagle sale in someone’s yard, but you had to wait until the auction started to buy stuff. After we figured out how to sign up for a number and how to bid, we totally got into the swing of things.  Hubs wandered over to the auto section of auction, while my friend Sara and I camped out in the housewares section.

Then we started winning things. 

I have to admit, it was pretty undignified, even for me. We were clapping our hands and squealing when the other won something they wanted, and by the end of the first hour we had our arms filled with treasures and a very bemused crowd around us. Someone took pity on us and gave us boxes, another person gave us some newspapers to put around our glass items to keep them from banging together.  But most just laughed at us, not in a mean-spirited way, but I think they laughed with us because we were so obviously enjoying ourselves.  At least I hope they did. If we annoyed anyone, I apologize!

Sara walked out with three boxes of treasures. She got a set of vintage stoneware similar to some her grandmother had left her and a great green pitcher and bowl with a curved edge. vintage-finds-007

I got an Apollo Ware melamine bowl with pastel splatters in it.  I LOVE it.  It has some light utensil marks on the inside, but it will make a great chip bowl.


I also got a great set of vintage glasses. They aren’t as old as some other ones I’ve had, but I love that these are a little heavier, and since we use the vintage glasses for everyday, it will be nice if they can take a beating and still be functional. We have broken two vintage glasses in as many months, and are starting to feel pretty bad about abusing them.

After the housewares section of the auction was over, they started on the furniture and other items.  These “other items” consisted of seized drug bust items from the state of Michigan, like semi-automatic guns and electronics plastered with evidence stickers. Seriously.  So, we played with the guns for a while, took pictures of Sara holding a Bushmaster and laughed and then cashed out our purchases. Sara’s total was under $20, and ours was a little over, since Hubs had bought some tools. All in all, pretty good entertainment for a Saturday afternoon. 

We can’t wait until the next one!vintage-finds-015


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Vintage Birthday Card – Big Top

Here is another fun vintage birthday card from my dad’s collection.

bday-5-circus-elephant001Another adorable 5th birthday card.  This one is actually “mechanical” in that if you move a little paper handle on the side of the card, the boy, girl and elephant’s head go up and down. So cute!bday-5-circus-elephant002


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Ugh, Upgrading.


That is the sound of disgust that I recently made while going through the upgrading options for this blog. I admit, all of the disgust was directed at myself, not at the plethora of upgrading options I have.  Why upgrade already? Well, I guess I didn’t plan out the direction I was taking my blog very well. And honestly, I didn’t think anyone would read it. Suddenly, with the help of some friends and a few well placed photos, this blog does pretty good for something less than a month old.

And then I got an email out of the blue. A great email. But also a sad email.

“We would love to advertise on your blog,” the email stated, “But we see you are using the wrong version of wordpress. Let us know when you upgrade so we can talk.”

All of a sudden I am scrambling around, researching my brains out. Wait. Advertise?  On a blog? Most of you may be laughing at me out there, but I really didn’t think about advertisements here.  I thought those were for big blogs. Sponsored blogs. Blogs done by a housewife who loves a certain kind of dish detergent, but as you keep reading you realize that every post some how relates to dish detergent. And no one loves dish detergent that much.  In fact, no sane person should think about doing dishes that often.  Then you realize the blog is an offshoot of XYZ corp, and the nice housewife writing the posts is actually an Intern from Seattle.

But I digress.

Anyway, the thought that I may actually get advertisers is exciting, and also scary.  And now I am up to my eyeballs in choices.

And I am thinking to myself, is this really worth the couple of bucks the advertiser is going to spend on my site?

The answer: Yes. But with a sigh on the end.

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Cute Vintage Cards – Lion Birthday Card

lion-card001I think I have mentioned before that my grandfather was a total packrat.  He kept everything; receipts, letters, bills, multiple copies of photos from his business and tons and tons of greeting cards.

My father was so disgusted when we first started cleaning out my grandfather’s house that he pitched out a lot of cards before even packing up the truck to move my grandmother to Wisconsin. Then he lost steam, and the rest of the cards were packed away in a shed on my parent’s property for me to find years later. lion-card002

This cute little guy is from my Dad’s 5th birthday in 1955. I love the spotted blue collar around Leo. Cute! lion-card003

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Vintage Playground Animals – Michigan’s Finest

I apologize to anyone who was hoping for a post yesterday – I was feeling way, way under the weather and was in no shape to post.  But, I am better today and ready for posting!

Hubs and I decided to take an impromtu road trip on Friday afternoon.  It was gorgeous weather and he had the afternoon off, so we decided to drive up the shoreline of Lake Huron to Tawas City, MI to take a picture of the lighthouses there.  And to stop at some antique stores, as always!

We saw some really cool stuff, but the most fun we had was playing in Gateway Park along the lake, which was filled with vintage playground animals.  So incredibly cute!

Vintage Playground Animals

According to some information I found on the net, these animals were all sculpted out of cement by a Tawas City resident, Gordon Clute, many years ago. Dinosaur Slide Mr. Clute passed away a few years ago, but many of his sculptures are still around Tawas City, including all the little animals at Gateway Park. Clute Animals

The dog you can see painted like Pluto in the background was actually originally supposed to be Clifford, the Big Red Dog.  There was also a whale and a castle in the park until recently, but these were removed because they were safety hazards.

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Every Man’s Dream – A Shooting Range In Your Basement

Originally uploaded by aharvey2k


I stumbled upon this when uploading my own popular science article to Flickr.

I am at a loss for words. Who could have ever thought this was a good idea? Ever??? 

But I do love the wife holding the target. “Just a little higher, honey. A little to the left, ok perfect! Now just hold perfectly still….”

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