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Vintage 1950’s Downtown

Ok – Last post on Tawas City, I promise!  I just wanted to add the pictures of some of their vintage downtown, because I thought it was really cute.

march-09-870This guy is obviously from Marion’s Ice Cream Parlor. One of many vintage ice cream places in town, Marion’s was unique because there was actually a map on the outside, explaining that there was only one way to enter and walk through and get served.  march-09-873

Here is the local jewemarch-09-876ler.


And, of course, the local bar.  Check out my Flickr account for more photos!


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Great Resale in Tawas City

The trip to Tawas City Hubs and I took last Friday was a great little road trip.  We found great new places to shop and a cute little lakeside town to visit that was less than an hour away from our house.  One of the great things about living in Michigan (and yes, there are many great things!) is the abundance of old-fashioned “lakeside resort” type towns, complete with cabin rentals, seasonal gift shops and the required three ice cream parlors.

But the greatest thing about Tawas City was the three resale shops we found outside of town.  CC’s Closet Resale, Fabulous Finds of Tawas, and Mr. Thrifty were all very nice resale shops owned by the same couple.  I know, because we met the wife in Fabulous Finds, and she was very nice. CC’s Closet and Fabulous Finds had great stock in them, I am assured it is ever-changing, and priced to move.  While not dirt cheap, the prices were reasonable for good merchandise. They had some vintage Fiesta and Pyrex at well below the prices normally asked at antique stores and some well-priced furniture as well. But the greatest was Mr. Thrifty, which had an additional 25% off resale prices. Mr. Thrifty is basically an estate liquidation center, and it was H-E-A-V-E-N. Loved it!  I got a Harlequin serving bowl for $3.00. Pretty sweet!

Here are some of the great things at these three thrift stores:

Vintage LampGreat vintage lamp at Fabulous Finds.  Not sure if I have ever seen anything like it before!  I got really excited when I saw it, and then Hubs pointed out that it kind of looked like Beetlejuice.  He is right, but I just thought the striped body was such a neat concept. It was $35, which I consider pretty reasonable.  Youngstown Cabinet

Here is another great find – a Youngstown Cabinet at CC’s Closet, complete with sink and faucet!  I love the boomerang handles.


Ceramic Topped TableA very cool red ceramic topped table at Fabulous Finds with an interesting design on the top.  Very good condition!

Vintage StoveA vintage stove at Mr. Thrifty.  Didn’t have a price on it yet, but I thought it was very cool.




And last, but not least, Pink Sinka vintage pink sink Mr. Thrifty had in the public restroom.  Hubs came out of the restroom all excited and asked for the camera…I was a little scared of what the picture might be of, and was very relieved to see the vintage sink… 🙂


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Vintage Playground Animals – Michigan’s Finest

I apologize to anyone who was hoping for a post yesterday – I was feeling way, way under the weather and was in no shape to post.  But, I am better today and ready for posting!

Hubs and I decided to take an impromtu road trip on Friday afternoon.  It was gorgeous weather and he had the afternoon off, so we decided to drive up the shoreline of Lake Huron to Tawas City, MI to take a picture of the lighthouses there.  And to stop at some antique stores, as always!

We saw some really cool stuff, but the most fun we had was playing in Gateway Park along the lake, which was filled with vintage playground animals.  So incredibly cute!

Vintage Playground Animals

According to some information I found on the net, these animals were all sculpted out of cement by a Tawas City resident, Gordon Clute, many years ago. Dinosaur Slide Mr. Clute passed away a few years ago, but many of his sculptures are still around Tawas City, including all the little animals at Gateway Park. Clute Animals

The dog you can see painted like Pluto in the background was actually originally supposed to be Clifford, the Big Red Dog.  There was also a whale and a castle in the park until recently, but these were removed because they were safety hazards.

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