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Why America Needs A Thrifting Month

You know, since I have started reading blogs, I have seen some really great ideas. Paint colors, a great new quilt pattern, a killer cupcake recipe (from the UK), and my new favorite asian dumpling recipe are very dear to me now.  But I think an idea has come along that has taken the top spot.

I was directed to The Thrifty Chicks blog through the blog of Tikimama (Atomic Tea Party), and I read a post by Shopping GoLighty about – well, being thrify.  But not just being thrifty, about a movement she has started to get America to be more thrifty.

And in my opinion, it couldn’t come at a better time.  I myself have found my opinions on things suddenly changing, found myself with budget constraints forcing my hand to reach for something a little different. Something not as…new. But in my progression from Macy’s to Marshall’s to Goodwill, I haven’t seen shame or a fall from glory. I have seen something else.  Maybe it is that I can make it through tough times without all the things commercial America tells me I need. Or maybe it is that I can still have those things,  just not THE brand or THE type they want me to have.

Purchasing our Mid-Century Modern house is the perfect example of that valuable lesson. Shopping Go Lightly had a great quote propagated by commercialism on her blog, “If it’s not new, it’s Ewwww”, and I never realized how ingrained that lesson had become. But suddenly I had this fantastic house that wasn’t only old, but not updated. And I LOVED it! Things were high quality. Their placement made sense. Someone had taken the time and effort to make a house that was fully functional, AND IT DIDN’T NEED TO BE UPDATED. In fact, the vintage class was the best part. And over the next few months, those parts became my favorite parts.

So, I’m with you, The Thrifty Chicks.  Let’s open America’s eyes, and take a month for the thrifters, the upcylers and those who can give life to the used things. I vote we go after June – a great month for garage and estate sales.

Check out The Thrifty Chicks post here.

Join the Facebook Movement and sign the petition here. (You will need to be signed in to Facebook to do so.)



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Etsy Round-up – Mid-Century Modern

I know everyone uses Ebay for their Mid-Century Needs, but what about Etsy?  As the owner of an Etsy store, I am always first to point out all of the great stuff on Etsy.  But besides the handmade stuff, there is also large vintage section.  And for something to be vintage on Etsy, it has to be pre-1970s, which makes me feel a little better when buying.

Let the fun begin!

The first item is from myohmymaggie.  This totally awesome atomic wall clock.  I love this, and the best part is – it has been fitted with a battery!

Atomic Clock

The next item comes from Peacock Envy, one of my favorite places to be a Looky-Loo on Etsy.  Check out  this totally fantastic lamp:green-lampIsn’t this the most beautiful lamp?  I  started shrieking when I saw it. It is totally amazing, and that shade is fantastic. I love the speckled mint green body. If I wasn’t on this crazy quest to find a lamp in a vintage store on my own I totally would have bought it.

On a sad note, I believe this lamp has been reserved for someone.  Oh. A little part of me just died. My hat is off to you, Izzy.  You are going to make a great purchase.

For more great vintage, check out Peacock Envy’s blog.


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A Gold Mine Of Vintage Fabric – Vintage Sheets

Ok – so I may be completely behind everyone here, but has anyone noticed how awesome vintage sheets are?  I was wandering around in my local Goodwill yesterday, and I stumbled upon these great patterns:

Vintage Sheets 

Ummm… yeah. I took a furtive look around me and then grabbed all the sheets I could carry.  The thing was, no one else even seemed to care that all these great patterns were just laying in the housewares section.  Sure, people were all over the fabric section, digging through the folded peices and holding up sections to their arms trying to figure out how much fabric there was, but no one was looking at sheets.

Which I think is a total shame.

I have been looking for a good, cheap stock of vintage material lately for a bed cover or a quilt.  And my new house lacks curtains in the most embarrassing way.  What a better alternative to vintage fabric then…well..vintage fabric?? Sheets are perfectly good, and the patterns are amazing. And with two trips through the washing machine they lost all of their funky smells and dirt and just became regular, crisp clean sheets.  And now I have yards and yards of fabric to do whatever I want with.  In fact, I picked up the most amazing gray and pink floral full sized set from the 50s that is just begging to be made into matching twin bed duvet covers. And for under $5 for the pair, who can argue with that???

Vintage Sheet Yummy


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