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Etsy Round-Up – Refurbished Furniture

Normally, I don’t think it is a good idea to refurbish vintage furniture.  Oh sure, I am all for restoration, for matching up a piece with fabric from the correct era, but I have seen some hideous Victorian couches redone with 80’s fabric that have put me off of refurbishing. And sure, experimentation with retro-mod is great, as long as I don’t have to have it in my living room.

But Jeanne Connolly does a good job.

Her “green” furniture store, Vintage Renewal,  has got some excellent pieces that make me drool.  I am a huge fan of her “toddler” furniture.  Especially the Retro Pony Chair:pony-toddler-chair

Absolutely adorable.  I love those pom-poms.

Now, I am not completely sold on all her combinations, but everyone has different tastes, right? Some are too shabby chic for me, and others are just wacky. But some of her stuff hits me just right. Which for Hubs means, right in the wallet.

Shop Jeanne’s designs at her Etsy store and her website. Buy green, buy vintage, buy thrifted!

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1956 Formica Ad – Popular Science Magazine

Formica AdThis is a great vintage Formica Ad that I found in the issue of Popular Science that has been giving the instructions for the Mid-Century Showplace Home.  The smeared quality of the picture isn’t my fault, I swear!  It is printed like that in the magazine, which is too bad.  I think it is a great ad – the green bathroom and the reference to the helpless husband!

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New Vintage Finds

USA Vase 







I succumbed yesterday to the desire to do a little thrifting. I hit the local Salvation Army and Goodwill and came away with some great stuff.

I started out with this super cute USA vase.  I have decided to get some vintage vases and planters for the kitchen. This one kind of steps over the line in cuteness, so hubby wasn’t a big fan.  But I have really been wanting to get some more cutesy vintage, so tough luck, bud. Its coming in!

And a steal at $3.

Vintage Jewelry BoxI found a super cute vintage jewelry box that is a pretty green with gold accents, and is lined with an awesome teal velvet. It is going to look great in the  guest room.  I also had to get some vintage jewelry for the box!  I got 3 pins and about 8 pairs of vintage earrings. I love the jewelry! $3 for the box, and $.69 for each earring pair and brooch. Vintage Pin In Box


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