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Fun Vintage Find – GE Celeste Lightbulb

A lot of the time when I thrift, I come across stuff that is just awesome.  Stuff that calls out to me, that seduces me, that makes it impossible for me to walk away without buying it. This is the stuff that I really have no practical use for, that I just squirrel away because it is just so cool it can’t be given up.  I suppose that is part of the reason I thrift, it is that junkie-type thrill of THE FIND that keeps me going.

Oddly enough, that thrill is also responsible for turning me into a packrat. 

And this is the newest addition to my little thrift nest.  A vintage GE Celeste lightbulb, still in the package. I love this so much, I am going to post photos of the whole thing. Celeste Bulb Front It is really something, isn’t it?  This sucker is HUGE, about 9 inches tall. Ahem….there is a dirty joke there, but I am not going to type anything about it being phallic. Nope. Nothing at all.

Close-up Celeste BulbYes, package. You are right. It is quite the beauty!Celeste Bulb SideIt looks like there are pink versions, too!  Why am I just finding out about this now???

And another wonderful part. It even comes with lip-smacking decorating ideas:

Celeste Bulb Ideas 3Celeste Bulb Ideas 2Celeste Bulb Ideas 1

So very, very pretty.  I think I love the bathroom, with the little chrome-legged sink, most of all. 

By the way, this is from the local ReStore for 50 cents. Score.


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