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The Unlucky Glasses – New Thrifted Finds

I should know better than to try and take pictures of things on Friday the 13th.  Not that I am supersitious, but still.

Vintage Bar Glasses

The caption of this photo should be: In Memorium. These glasses no longer exsist. Right after I finished taking this picture, one of my cats lunged at another lounging cat from behind my white backdrop and propelled one glass into the other at an enormous rate of speed. Both glasses literally exploded,  and a shower of glass rained all over my backdrop, my carpet, me and a very startled cat. I had to get the vaccum and everyone else had a time out in the basement. I also had to throw away the white background cloth. Better safe than sorry. Sigh.


Take TwoOk, photography session: take two.  The vintage tablecloth underneath is a recent find too, so I suppose it isn’t a bad thing that I was forced to use it.

The pink container is a planter, I believe, but I think I am going to put it in my pink bathroom and have it hold make-up brushes.  It was 25 cents.  The mini-muffin pan was 89 cents and is going to join the other mini-pans I have been slowly accumulating.  The vintage fake pearls are a great extra long strand that I found for $1.99. I love them because they have that great bone color, rather than being the glowing white of some of my other pearl strands.

And here is a little fun with the close-up button!Pearls In PanI hope you survived Friday the 13th with no mishaps and no exploding glasses!


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New Vintage Finds

USA Vase 







I succumbed yesterday to the desire to do a little thrifting. I hit the local Salvation Army and Goodwill and came away with some great stuff.

I started out with this super cute USA vase.  I have decided to get some vintage vases and planters for the kitchen. This one kind of steps over the line in cuteness, so hubby wasn’t a big fan.  But I have really been wanting to get some more cutesy vintage, so tough luck, bud. Its coming in!

And a steal at $3.

Vintage Jewelry BoxI found a super cute vintage jewelry box that is a pretty green with gold accents, and is lined with an awesome teal velvet. It is going to look great in the  guest room.  I also had to get some vintage jewelry for the box!  I got 3 pins and about 8 pairs of vintage earrings. I love the jewelry! $3 for the box, and $.69 for each earring pair and brooch. Vintage Pin In Box


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