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A Piece of the Past and Hubby’s Love for MCM

Well, another mystery of life has been solved. The in-laws brought a bunch of boxes with them when they came visiting this weekend.  Most of them were Hubby’s memorabilia from their basement for us to hold on to, since we have a ton of storage room downstairs.  While we were looking through some of the boxes, we discovered a bunch of old photos he had taken when he was about 10.  As we sifted through the photos, we came across some of his grandparent’s house.

“Look at this!”  I said, waving a photo in the air, “This looks like our bathroom! And look at the wallpaper!”Grandpa's Bathroom

He snatched the photos from my hand and flipped through them slowly.  “Oh my God,” he said, ” I remember taking these!  My grandfather had died and this is the last time we were in the house before it was going to be sold. I took pictures of things in the house that I thought were cool and I wanted to remember.”

I looked at him. “At 10? Seriously?”

He laughed and shrugged. “I have good memories of this stuff. Especially the basement!”

Grandpa's Basement

I know my sister-in-law’s cuteness is overwhelming, but check out the support beams. They were metal, covered with diamond shaped tile!  Hubby remember’s them being a glossy white and brownish/rust colored.

Basement Shuffleboard

The shuffleboard setup in the basement. I LOVE the tile patterns. In the doorway, you can see the tile continuing on the stairs.  Hubby thinks it went all the way upstairs. Wow.

Grandpa's House

Picture of the outside of the house.


Living room wall with etched glass mirror.  I am surprised hubby would pick this, since it is a pretty organic design. Ah well, one way he has changed over the years!

I wonder if it is too much to hope that the house still has some of these elements left?  Probably. This pictures were taken about 20 years ago, and I guess the house has been remodeled some since then. Hubby’s mom has driven past the house recently, and said they even put a second story on the home. Oh well. At least we have the pictures, and Hubby has the memories, and now we have another piece to the puzzle of our love for Mid-Century Modern!

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