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Our Foyer – Pink and Tan Marble

Our FoyerHere is the magnificent view from the foyer in our house.¬†ūüôā¬† Well, magnificent in my opinion, anyway.¬† I love the mosaic marble flooring¬†that greets you straight from the front door.¬†It is¬†unique to our area in that the color of¬†the floor is a pink/brown rather than the white and¬†blue in other houses.¬†¬†On our first walkthrough of the house, I thought the marble was exceptionally¬†pink, but then we repainted the hallway with a lovely dark tan color (Sherwin Williams Sycamore¬†Tan from their Suburban Modern Collection), and the floor mellowed considerably and really became a¬†symphony of¬†browns and pinks rather than just a pink floor. ¬†I also picked the color because, in my newbie decorator opinion, the foyer is rather large and wide and I didn’t want it to be the focal point after you walk through the door. I wanted it to kind of blend into the background so that the eye was drawn into the living room, and the person coming in feels a pull to walk towards the next room rather than lingering in the foyer.

foyer-beforeHere is the before shot of the foyer. I know the angles are different, but the new, darker walls of the foyer make it difficult to photograph with the backlighting from the door.  I like the color change, and if I decide differently in a few years, I can always repaint it!


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Popular Science Show Place Home – Entryway Divider

Welcome guests into your home¬†the 1950’s way with this great entryway divider!Entryway Divider 1

Entry Divider IIEntry Divider III

Another great idea from the Make Your Home a Show Place issue of Popular Science!  Stay tuned for more great ideas, such the best garden shed EVER, telephone corners and even furniture!

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I Hear You – Pictures Of Thrifted Sidetables

Just to let you know that I am listening to you, oh clamoring throng, here are pictures of the two side tables I purchased the other day.  It was $15 for both, so I consider that to be a pretty good deal.  The only bummer is one of them had a sticker on the front that looked like it said $3, so these were probably rummage fodder at one time.  If I was more clever, I could have gotten them cheaper. Alas.  Oh well, I got them from the Salvation Army, and they can always use the money!

Vintage SidetablesThe one in the front needs to be cleaned off, but I still think they are respectable tables.  As you can see from the one in the back, they are perfect for little TV stands in odd places, so they may get to stay on the first floor yet!

Table Close Up

I think they are cute little things.

Gold Flecked TopHubs is of a different opinion.¬† He thinks they look 60’s without looking MCM, which I disagree with. He also thinks that the cute, gold flecked tops look stained, which¬†he may be right about.

Ah, well. The joy of marriage is compromise, so I will let these be used in the basement or as TV stands.¬† I think part of his dislike stems from jealousy – that he didn’t get to come with to pick them out!

But there is a good side to all this.  He proclaimed the other night that he wants the three season room to be decorated Tiki style.

Let the trumpets sound!¬† He has proclaimed it, so shall it be!¬† And don’t mind me, I will just be back here hiding all the Tiki pictures and printouts I have been leaving around the house….


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Vintage Photo – Some Fabulous Curtains

My grandfather was a photographer for the Associated Press, and he was good at his job. Consequently, because he was good at it and he loved it, he was called upon to photograph tons of occasions other than newspaper news. Much of the time he would photograph weddings, birthdays and church functions.  And he was a hoarder, so he kept everything! Because of this I have scads and scads of boxes filled with vintage photos. 

The photos are an absolute joy to look through. Partly because of his skill and my pride at having an artistic grandpa, but also because I love vintage!  The clothes, the hair, the food, the houses. All of it fascinates me. So I have picked out some great shots for you, starting with this angry looking baby. Baby Gifts

That baby looks pretty ticked off, even with all that stuff!  But did you check out the curtains in the background? 

curtainsLove them! I wish I could get my hands on some of that fabric right now….

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Popular Science’s DIY 1950s Home

On Valentine’s Day, Hubby and I drove 2 hours up North to go to a restaurant we discovered while we were first dating.¬† Most people would think that was too far for dinner, but I always look forward to long drives with my husband. We spend those trips talking, and I mean really talking.¬† At home there are distractions and dishes, phone calls and bills, and pretty soon we fall into bed exhausted.¬† But when we go for a drive there are no distractions, and we talk for hours about philosopy, art, our relationship and other abstract things that we normally don’t talk about during the busy week.

And we get to shop!

We are always suckers for a mysterious looking shop, a cute roadside stand, and pretty much every antique store we can lay our eyes on.  So when we arrived early for our dinner reservations, we decided to drive around the little town we were in until we found some place to shop.  Of course, about 30 seconds later, we stumbled on a cute little antique shop, where I found this magazine:Popular Science MCM

And a MCM fountain of information! The main article consists of do-it-yourself decorating and furniture ideas for the “modern” home. They are so great, like this one for a bathroom vanity.

PS Bathroom Vanity

Stay tuned for more ideas from this fun article, including a room divider, a garden shed and even furniture!


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A Piece of the Past and Hubby’s Love for MCM

Well, another mystery of life has been solved. The in-laws brought a bunch of boxes with them when they came visiting this weekend.¬† Most of them were¬†Hubby’s memorabilia from their basement for us to hold on to,¬†since we have a ton of storage room downstairs.¬† While we were looking through some of the boxes, we discovered a bunch of old photos he had taken when he was about 10.¬† As we sifted through the photos, we came across some of his grandparent’s house.

“Look at this!”¬† I said, waving a photo in the air, “This looks like our bathroom! And look at the wallpaper!”Grandpa's Bathroom

He snatched the photos from my hand and flipped through them slowly.¬† “Oh my God,” he said, ” I remember taking these!¬† My grandfather had died and this is the last time we were in the house before it was going to be sold. I took pictures of things in the house that I thought were cool and I wanted to remember.”

I looked at him. “At 10? Seriously?”

He laughed and shrugged. “I have good memories of this stuff. Especially the basement!”

Grandpa's Basement

I know my sister-in-law’s cuteness is overwhelming, but check out the support beams. They were metal, covered with diamond shaped tile!¬† Hubby remember’s them being a glossy white and brownish/rust colored.

Basement Shuffleboard

The shuffleboard setup in the basement. I LOVE the tile patterns. In the doorway, you can see the tile continuing on the stairs.  Hubby thinks it went all the way upstairs. Wow.

Grandpa's House

Picture of the outside of the house.


Living room wall with etched glass mirror.  I am surprised hubby would pick this, since it is a pretty organic design. Ah well, one way he has changed over the years!

I wonder if it is too much to hope that the house still has some of these elements left?¬† Probably. This pictures were taken about 20 years ago, and I guess the house has been remodeled some since then. Hubby’s mom has driven past the house recently, and said they even put a second story on the home. Oh well. At least we have the pictures, and Hubby has the memories, and now we have another piece to the puzzle of our love for Mid-Century Modern!

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Etsy Round-up – Pink Desk & Contact Paper

The first item in today’s Etsy Round-up is a great pink desk from HausProud.pink-desk

At $350 it is a leeeetle to expensive for my tastes, but it is a great inspiration piece.  I love the pink paint Рit is exactly the same pink as my kitchen! I also love how the top is elevated off the desk base. Love it, and one to dream on. If you dream in pink, that is.

Check out HausProud’s other items, too. There are some great ones. Especially this metal tray¬†and these great white and¬†gold starburst slipper chairs.¬†¬†

The bargain of the day comes from nostalgiaemporium’s shop. This great lot of vintage 1970’s contact paper, which is just awesome.¬† Pam at Retro Renovation got me hooked on wallpaper recently, and¬†this contact paper gives me that wallpaper fix.vintage-contact-paper-11



It is a pretty good deal at $12 for the whole bunch.¬† If you had some vintage kitchen cabinets or bathroom cabinets that needed a little coverage, this would be perfect. Or if you wanted to be vintage crafty….


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